Our Dinner Club has been going for several years now. For non-habitués, about once every two months members gather in groups of five or six, usually three couples but with some singles, for a three-course meal, dinner or lunch.


On two occasions you host the meal and provide the main course; twice you take a starter to your hosts’ and twice a dessert, so there’s considerably less work than in organising six dinner parties.


Each couple also provides wine or drink to complement their course and also a cheese of their choice. Washing-up chores are limited to two occasions out of six, so all-in-all it’s an excellent way of meeting old friends, or making new, and tasting the specialities of some surprising gourmet chefs. We need a few new members for next year, so do please join us by contacting organiser Pat Swindlehurst.


The current rota is available here

A few rules from Pat put here as a reminder to everyone.

As we are now only having a dinner every three months, I think it would be better if we all took responsibility for the arranging of the dinners.  The person who is down to do the main course arranges the dinner at their house. Three months is a long time and the rota is easily forgotten. If you are waiting to be contacted and have not  heard, then I suggest you ring your host to remind them. 

If you find that it is impossible to accommodate everyone for your proposed dinner, as sometimes happens, then please go ahead with those who can come and make up the numbers with reserves if possible.

You supply everything needed for your course, including crockery unless you have arranged with your hosts to use theirs.  At the dinner, you take charge of the fetching and carrying for your course. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the one hosting the dinner.  You also supply a bottle of wine to complement your course and a piece of cheese.  If you remember we changed the supplier of the cheese biscuits to the host.

If you have any outstanding dinners from the last rota, please make every effort to catch up.