Soiree LymMeung - Saturday 27th February
Barbecue - Sunday 15th August

This evening we hosted a Bingo Evening and invited our French families to join in. The concept was Chris's. The evening raced along as we vied with each other to complete a line on a Bingo card. A big thank you to Lynn and Stuart for organising and running the Bingo and also to our singers Chris, Pat, John and Philip who got the evening off to such a good start.


Here are a couple of thank yous received after the event.


Thanks, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was always going to be a bit chaotic I think but great fun nonetheless!!

And thanks to Lynn and Stuart for the bingo

Thank you and all involved for a the soiree!   As you said it was chaotic but fun and very nice to see, not only the French people, but some of our English friends that we haven't met for a while too. 

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A really successful afternoon that was enjoyed by all. We had to move the event into August to avoid restrictions that would have changed how we ran the barbecue. Whilst this meant that many (but not all) families with children were missing. It was a very good turnout from everyone else.

The weather was mixed but with a full set of "Event Shelters", the event wasn't impacted at all. So we barbecued Hopkinson's meat and served it with home made salads and finished with home made desserts. So as you can imagine the food was superb and it was really good to meet up and chat with our friends. Some of whom we haven't seen in person for 18 months.

Many thanks to Ken for these comments. This is just to say thank you to all the committee for the splendid barbecue we enjoyed yesterday.   Such a lot of work for Neil, Richard
and helpers to organise and prepare the site and the food was delicious.

It was so nice to see everyone again and to feel that things are perhaps
starting to get back to something approaching normal.

Beaujolais Night - Friday 19th November

We were a little worried that the "Beaujolais Nouveau", that was released on Thursday, 18th November would make it to England in time for the Beaujolais Night. We need not have worried. Chris picked up the new wine and several bottles of "ordinary" Beaujolais.

The upstairs room at the Spread Eagle has been refurbished and provided a pleasant atmosphere. In addition they put on a really tasty Beef Bourginon. Chris started the evening off with a short talk and quiz and then we were left to chat and catch up with everyone's news.

A very successful evening.