Royal Exchange, Thursday, 9th January 2020

Another well organised theatre trip by Peter Birchall.

He organised a coach to take Lymm Probus and Lymm Twin Town members to Manchester to see "Gypsy" at the Royal Exchange. 

The Royal Exchange describe the performance as ...

‘…. A revival of a broadway classic, in the round, Gypsy is the latest musical to be given a thoroughly modern Manchester revival at the Royal Exchange…’

‘…. transported to the glamour, and grit, of the world of showbiz from the exploitation of child performers to the murky underworld of striptease and burlesque….’

Not sure it was that gritty and murky. Acting, costumes, music, staging superb as usual.  


Although I didn’t think I’d be seeing a striptease on a cold, grey afternoon in January or an actor with a sanding disk and another scantily clad actress with a trumpet. The conversation on the coach coming back was quite animated ….

Friday 17th January, Wine Tasting at Chris's

A lively group - which got noisier later in the evening! - enjoyed an evening tasting the red wines of the Touraine. A mixture of Chinon, Bourgeuil and Saumur wines, all were made with the Cabernet Franc grape. Chris had bought them all during tastings with the growers and gave a little background and history.

Next year may well include another tasting with wines from one of the other areas of the Loire region.

Royal Exchange.jpg
July - August, Picnics and Meals out to help out

A big gap in events, thanks to Coronavirus. We had to cancel the barbecue, High Legh Teas, and the September film night.

Instead we ran smaller events that were limited to six people and held outside were possible.

A couple of picnics were hosted by Neil Collins and Pat Gaster.

In August Lynn Bryant ran three "Eat out to help out" events on Tuesday the 11th August, 18th August and 25th August.


The rules only allowed 6 people to meet outdoors with social distancing.


Lunch was in either the Barn Owl (with an optional 2-3 mile walk around Spud Wood) or Little Manor (with an optional 2-3 mile walk around along the Pennine trail and Bridgewater canal). Both venues have outside eating areas. The walkers met in the car park at 11:30 with Lunch at 1:00 and used the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ discount scheme. 

Anual General Meeting - Saturday 21st November

The meeting was opened at 19:30 (on Zoom) by LTTS Chairman, Chris Limb. He
explained that in the light of Covid-19 restrictions a virtual meeting had been
necessary, with circulation of materials and voting online, ahead of the meeting.
A total of 27 members had asked to attend by Zoom and 34 votes had been
recorded online.

Chris repeated the problems of the uncertainty generated by Covid-19. In
particular, it was impossible to plan the proposed 2021 visit to Meung with any

We followed this with a hugely enjoyable set of quizzes from Chris, Lynn and Mark interpersed with a wine tasting and discussion lead by John. For the Twin Town this was a bright spot in a very uneventful year.

Let's hope we can start functioning normally in 2021.