Events this Year

Thursday 12th January 2016 : In to the Woods.


Our by now annual January outing to the Royal Exchange Theatre took place on Thursday 12th january, to see their ‘In to the Woods’ by Stephen Sondhiem. The first half is a witty combination of several fairy tales. Jack (of beanstalk fame), Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Cindererlla and others make their appearance in the same wood. in the 2nd half Stephen explores the reality of life after the supposed "happy ever after" ending of the fairy tale. A fun, witty afternoon out for the Town twinners who boarded the coach in Lymm.

Saturday 12th March : Spring Supper


This year we booked the Lymm village Hall and used a local fish and chip shop to provide the food. This year Roger Browne came to play to us. he is a long established pianist with the Machester Jazz band. Roger has been peforming at least on a semi-proffessional basis for over 50 years now. His early experience included the Cavern club in Liverpool. so as you might expect he gave a very accomplished performance. At the start of the evening he played whilst we all settled in and at the end of the evening we sat back and listened to his excellent music.  


Many thanks to the members who brought an excellent array of desserts to end the meal. they were very much appreciated. also many thanks to the members who brought along a raffle prize and helped us collect another £70 towards the visit of our french guests next year. Finally thanks to Mark for fetching the fish and chips. The idea proved a success with over 40 of us at the event.

Boules - Sunday 22nd May 

The rain in the early afternoon created a few problems for the boules players. There were a few puddles to try and avoid. But the sun came out and dried the playing area a bit and a great time was had by all.


Many thanks to those who turned up and all the helpers who helped set the event up and clear away afterwards and of course richard and Karen who provided the venue and the produce.

The aim of the event was to have fun, but we did have a winner. David and Pat Gaster just pipped the others at the end of the afternoon. There are more pictures of the event here.

Exchange Visit - Wednesday 1st June.

This was a visit that few of the members will forget.
The initial worries were about fuel and transport. The news was full of information about strikes and petrol shortages. Would everyone all be able to get there and back? In the end the ferry and train cancellations caused delays for some people but everyone got there. What caused bigger problems was the rain over central France and Southern Germany. This flooded the AutoRoute between Paris and Orleans. The Mauves River was channelled through Meung many years ago to run all its water mills. These have now closed. But the channels, that are one of the features of Meung, overflowed and we all arrived to find sections of Meung under water.

The town hall where everyone was supposed to meet up on arrival was flooded and so was the hall booked for the reception dinner on the last evening of the visit. The town’s officials were busy organising the defences against the water from the Mauves and the Loire that flows past the bottom of the town. No one had seen anything like this before. The last recorded flood was in 1910. All organised events were initially cancelled. However the flooding was only in the centre of the town and everyone had somewhere to stay. So despite being the worst possible time in the year to turn up the people of Meung welcomed their visitors and organised impromptu events for their guests over the visit. As there were no other organised activities the Lymm visitors all did different things over the visit. one party round the historic towns and castles of the area, whilst another party went to the zoo.

Thankfully the rain stopped and the Mauves subsided. On the last day of the visit an army of volunteers and firemen were able to clean up the town and remove the barricades. Michel Bret, the Meung Twin Town Chairman, managed to relocate the final event to a nearby village hall. This turned out to be a lovely relaxed affair where everyone could get together and have fun. Finally all the people in the two twin town societies were together in one place. We could finally to share stories of the journey, find out what everyone had been doing and discuss whether the floods and strikes were going to hinder the journey home. It is believed that everyone arrived back all arrived safe and sound and almost as planned.

Summer Barbecue - Sunday 17th July 

Our annual summer barbecue took place again at Moss lane farm in Lymm. The weather turned dry at the weekend and in the afternoon we were all bathed in glorius sunshine and feeling very lucky.

A good selection of burgers, sausages and kebabs, a small barrel of Dunham Massey Summer Meadow ale, members salads and good conversation. What more could you ask for?

This picture captures David and Caroline at the end of the afternoon.  The food has all been eaten and raffle prizes are being drawn. We try and put money aside at each social event to help offset the cost when the people from Meung visit every other year. 

Click on the picture for a few more pictures taken at the event.

High Legh Teas - Sunday 28th August

Many, many thanks to everyone who, baked, made, helped and contributed to a very successful effort, especially to Pat Gaster, Deborah Cook and all the mesdames et messieurs who worked in the kitchen, the servery and hall, book-stall etc.Click on the picture for a few more photos taken at the event.


We raised over £700.00 to put towards the visit - Bien Joué


Click on the picture for a few more pictures taken at the event.

 Autumn Meal ,Thursday 20th October

About 30 of us got together is at the Axe and Cleaver, Dunham on Thursday, 20th October 7:30 p.m.

A good evening to meet old friends and catch-up with what everyone was doing. the food was pretty good anyway.


AGM, Friday 11th November

Our Society’s 48th Annual General Meeting took place on Friday November 11th in the Parish Council Meeting Room adjoining the Lymm Village Hall, starting at 7.45 p.m.


The main issue discussed was the lack of money to fund a trip next year when our French visitors come. The annual subscription was raised slightly to help. But this wouldn't put our finances back in order. We will do a full review after the next visit.  

Noel Arrive, Sunday 18th December

This was a traditional get together just before Christmas. A chance to meet up and keep in touch with fellow members. Peter provided the pie and sausages and Christiane, Maggie and Sylvia took over, laid the tables and presented and served the food. It all went very well with a glass or two of Mulled wine.


One striking difference to previous years was the lack of a piano. Kath Elbra had to improvise and guides us through a small selection of carols. However that didn't stop everyone joining in and making this a very merry afternoon.